The worst fighting games on Virtual Console: Full Access Playthrough

This episode: Chris, Brett and Mike fire up three ancient fighting games stinking up Wii's Virtual Console. They're certainly not the only terrible fighters on the platform, but hoo boy, are they ever shitty.

Above: First up is Fighting Street, the TG-16 port of the very first Street Fighter. It's amazing how far this series has come since then. No really, it is the literal definition of amazing

Above: That's followed by International Karate, an old Commodore 64 fighter that completely baffles all three of us. Simply getting the game to run is a challenge

Above: Finally we have China Warrior, a straightforward brawler in which you unwaiveringly march forward through waves of cult members. It's pretty crap, but damn those sprites are nice!

The conclusion after playing all three? We have it so much better today. That and the Virtual Console is 95% garbage. If you by some chance like watching us berate defenseless old games, check the other FAPs below or hit up ourTalkRadar podcast. See you soon!

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Brett Elston

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