The Witness gets 'demade' into a functional NES game

Did you know you can also play the lovely PS4 puzzle game The Witness on NES? It's true! Of course, the painting-quality graphics and 500+ puzzles aren't something the NES is capable of, so the game has been… shall we say "streamlined" in a retro reinterpretation from someone going by the handle "dustmop."

Created over the course of two months, dustmop's ROM file can be used with an emulator or, if you're feeling really old-school, you can use a device like the PowerPak to play the game on actual NES hardware. The game is labeled as a demo, and only features the starting area and 32 puzzles, but this is still some damn impressive work. It's even got a catchy title: The Wit.nes.

I'd like to conclude this article in the form of a public service announcement. This is The Witness: 

This is The Witness as a NES game:

Still think demakes are cool? ...Yes? Okay, well then go download it!

Sam Prell

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