Where is Jaskier in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Joey Batey explains when his scenes take place

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Jaskier's involvement in The Witcher: Blood Origin was confirmed at the beginning of December, but there was a lot of secrecy about how the Bard could play into the series set 1,200 years before his time. Now the series is out on Netflix, we finally know how he fits into the prequel – but that isn't to say everything about his appearance in the show is explained.

Thankfully Joey Batey was on hand to explain to GamesRadar+ exactly what was going on. Although be warned, we’ll be getting into spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin from here on out. 

In Blood Origin, we first meet Jaskier in the middle of a battlefield in episode one, before Seanchai (Minnie Driver) whisks him away. Explaining that she’s a time traveler and a storyteller, she urges him to listen to her story of "the Seven" as the world needs to hear it now. 

The Sandpiper appears again in the show’s final scene when he’s returned to the battlefield after hearing Ithlinne's prophecy. In this scene, he seems to be fighting alongside some Elven warriors, as they help lead him away from danger.

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"He is in the middle of a huge battle that takes place roughly about six months before season three," Batey explains of Jaskier’s whereabouts. "So it's sort of between two and three, which was a little confusing for me at first. We originally shot the scene, and then we completely reshot it and changed everything. We changed the story and brought Minnie Driver in who plays this new character.

"So originally that took place between season one and season two. Then we just went, let's do it again, but bigger and louder and with more action involved. So it kind of acts as a little bit of knitwear between the seasons. So hopefully by the time you get to season three, which we just wrapped, there might be a couple of little links to Blood Origin."

There’s a lot still to unwrap here as the last time we saw Jaskier he was being summoned by Dijkstra (Graham McTavish). So it’s not yet clear how he’s gone from that point to the battlefield, but hopefully, all will become clear when The Witcher season 3 begins in summer 2023.

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