The Wii fall out

Friday 28 April 2006
Whatever Nintendo decided to call its next-gen console, it was always going to be a talking point, but its choice of Wii has been met with a /huge/ response.

No more so than on our GamesRadar forums where Wii has been on the lips of nearly every poster since Nintendo revealed the curious moniker.

So, to give you an idea of what people think about the new name, here's a collection of some of the comments posted on the GR forums:

"Revolution was great. This is like the [GameCube's] purpleness and handle all over again."

"Sigh... Nintendo, you had so long to pick the coolest, sleekest, most awesome name ever to fit your new console. Why did you have to choose Wii of all things!"

"Wii = please take the piss, pretty please, you know you want to, go on."

"That you need to be told how to pronounce 'Wii' means it is a bad name, period."

Above: Gamers gather around Wii to wave their Wii wands

"Just the thought of going to a game store and telling the lad, 'I'd like a Wii please' makes me trickle, I mean chuckle."

"Literally. I'd rather buy a console called Nintendo Inextricably Crap, than one called Wii."

"Rubbish name. I'm not going to buy it now."

"Has anyone found or started a petition yet? I imagine a petition of one million people wouldn't be impossible... I mean there's already an 11 page thread filled with jokes here."

"Can you honestly say 'Can I have a Wii?'"

"Never did Siemens any harm."

"I mean, in all honesty, when people go to France does everyone go round sniggering at having to say Oui? No. Yet it's exactly the same thing. The more I think about it, the more right it sounds."