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The Week In Sci-Fi

Seven days of scintillating science fiction, served on a bed of crispy fried greatness...


Couldn’t get enough of “The Doctor’s Wife”? Want to reacquaint yourself with the Flesh? Good news Whovians , Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 is out on DVD and Blu-ray today.

The Doctor isn’t the only one making his way to all the best disc-based formats this week though; arriving on Blu-ray is Conan The Barbarian and Battle: Los Angeles , which is also out on DVD alongside Wolverine And The X-Men . Quite a haul…

The British Library’s top-notch Out Of This World exhibition continues its impressive set of events with an examination of Mervyn Peake’s high fantasy classic Gormenghast . With contributions from the likes of China Miéville, Brian Sibley and John Sessions, it’s an evening not to be missed.

But if staying in is more your thing, you better go with Arnie if you want to live in Terminator 2: Judgement Day , ITV2 at 9pm.


Stake your claim to the Seven Kingdoms at Waterstone’s Piccadilly this week by perching atop the actual Iron Throne from HBO’s glorious Game Of Thrones from today. In celebration of the release of George RR Martin’s A Dance With Dragons , you can go and find out just how sharp those swords are and perch your regal backside where the likes of Joffrey, Robert and Ned have been before.

The organisers of the Arthur C Clarke Award have lined up a treat at the British Library tonight, as a panel including Clarke Award winners Pat Cadigan and Paul McAuley, critic and novelist Kim Newman and writer Toby Litt discuss their favourite parts of the Our Of This World exhibition . Also joining in will be best-selling novelist Margaret Atwood, who is in attendance thanks to some specially filmed contributions.

There's Sanctuary to be found on Watch at 9pm.

It's just been commissioned for a second season, and you can find out what the fuss is about in Falling Skies , FX at 9pm.

Time to catch up with Clark and co in the final series of Smallville , E4 at 9pm.


Based on the Neil Gaiman-penned fantasy, Stardust crash-lands on Film4 at 6:35pm

Help yourself to a bit of Winchester lovin' in Supernatural , Sky Living from 10pm.


Lacrosse-playing emo kids let their inner animal run wild in Teen Wolf , Sky Living tonight at 8pm.

We might be getting it later than the Americans - pesky colonials - but Torchwood Miracle Day will finally touch down tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


This is the end, my wizard-loving friends: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two apparates in to cinemas today. Hankies may well be required.

Medium 's final season continues on Sky Living at 9pm.

Vin Diesel fans - both of you - ITV1 at 10:50pm is where you want to go, as The Chronicles Of Riddick get an airing.


There were plenty of misty-eyes in SFX towers when BBC Books sent us the re-released versions of six classic Doctor Who titles that many of our number remember from their first release. It’s not just us who are excited though – Forbidden Planet has planned a Celebrate Classic Doctor Who Day at their London Megastore, werecover artist Chris Achilleos, writer Terrance Dicks, Doctor’s granddaughter Carole Ann Ford and long-running companion Frazer Hines will all be in attendance. Not bad, ey…

Go back to the start before heading to the pictures to see the final instalment - Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone is on ITV1 at 4:30pm.

Arrogant, rich, super-intelligent - and yet we all love Iron Man , tonight on Film4 at 9pm.


Boldly going as only the crew of the Enterprise can, Star Trek: Generations is on E4 at 3:40pm.