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The Week In Sci-Fi

Wave goodbye to Game Of Thrones , meet up with authors aplenty, and dress up as a Smurf - it's another week in sci-fi...


You can sample Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale , the first console-based excursion for the classic adventure game, at Forbidden Planet’s London megastore this week, until Friday 24 June.

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock get their witch on in Practical Magic , 5* at 9pm.

Wave goodbye to Westeros as Game Of Thrones comes to an end tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

Caprica continues over on Sky One at 11:15pm.


Matt is on a secret mission in Primeval on Watch at 8pm.

Sanctuary season three continues directly after Primeval at 9pm - well done Watch!


Breakers of a thousand hearts, the Winchesters and all things Supernatural are on Sky Living from 10pm.

Fringe continues over on Sky One at 9pm.

Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson mix comic books with reality in Unbreakable , 10pm on ITV2.


It’s raining writers at Forbidden Planet, Shaftsbury Avenue today from 6pm. Ten – count ‘em – authors, including Ben Aaronovitch , James Barclay , Elspeth Cooper , Stephen Deas , Jaine Fenn , M D Lachlan , Tom Lloyd , Sophia McDougall , John Meaney and Chris Wooding will be signing everything in sight.

Kristy Swanson wields the stake in Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Film4 at 7.20pm.

Hit the Chuck button and head to Sky Living at 8pm.

Alternatively, you could get yourself a bit of mid '90s Jean-Claude Van Damme madness in Time Cop , Channel 5 at 10pm.


The World Of The Dead: The Zombie Diaries fulfils this week’s zombie quotient – remember, keep moving and don’t allow yourself to be surrounded.

Jim Carrey breaks out the green face pack and comic book theatrics in the really rather wonderful The Mask , 5* at 8pm.

The original, and probably the best if we're being honest, Arnie gets the guns out in The Terminator , BBC One at 11:30pm.


It’s Global Smurf’s Day ! Of course it is! You can get involved by dressing as a Smurf and heading to the O2 Arena, where you can be part of a world record attempt for the largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs within a 23-hour period in multiple venues. This is actually happening .

A trio of Whovian authors will be materialising in Forbidden Planet’s London megastore: Naomi Alderman ( Borrowed Time ), George Mann ( Paradox Lost ) and Jonathan Morris ( Touched By An Angel ) will flexing their biros for all their fans.

Bristolian anime fans, your luck is in – in celebration of the release of Akira on Blu-ray, Forbidden Planet Bristol is holding an anime day , which includes pre-release copies of Akira , tons of anime bargains and a cosplay competition.

If you want to carry on Friday night's Terminator goodness into Saturday, you're in luck - Terminator 2 is on Sky One at 9pm.

Arthur is all angry and spoiling for a fight in Camelot , Channel Four at 9pm.

Keanu Reeves steps into the shoes of Mr John Constantine on ITV2 at 11:35pm.


Global warming goes absolutely mental in The Day After Tomorrow , 6:40pm on Film4.

Big lumps of violent metal take out their frustrations on each other in Michael Bay's Transformers , Channel 4 at 8pm.