The Wedding Date review

Love Will&Grace? Love its kooky/cute star Debra Messing? Then for the love of God, go and buy a Will&Grace box set, cause this attempt to launch Messing as a movie star is something of a car accident. It doesn't so much insult the intelligence of its chick-lit-loving audience as scrawl abuse on their shiny foreheads.

Messing is Kat, a suitably overwrought yet sexy Englishwoman in New York who is about to head back to Blighty to attend her sister's wedding. Unable to find a "real" date -because, well, the plot requires it - she hires a suave male escort Nick (Dermot Mulroney) who - surprise, surprise - proves to be a hit with everyone. You can guess the rest as the comic complications clunk into dull, predictable place. Saddled with a load of completely unlikeable characters (sod, bitch, drip, etc), the script ends up laughable for all the wrong reasons. Best advice if you're forced into this date? Leave it at the altar.

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