The War On Democracy review

Leftwing firebrand John Pilger writes, directs and presents this incendiary shockdoc about the USA’s meddling in Latin America. Beginning in today’s Venezuela – where President Chávez is using oil wealth to fund a socialist agenda – Pilger charts how the supposed Land of the Free has undermined and occasionally overthrown democratically elected governments in its “backyard”. The evidence startles: since 1945 US foreign policy has supported torture, tyrants and even genocide in over 50 countries. Pilger’s not exactly unbiased, while belligerent talking-head interviews sometimes feel like Jeremy Paxman with ’roid rage. Yet, faced with the contempt of American policymakers, it’s hard not to sympathise with his viewpoint. “In the CIA we didn’t give a hoot for democracy,” admits one interviewee. Scary.

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