The Walking Dead survivors are threatened in these season 11 teasers

The Walking Dead season 11 marks the end of the line for AMC's flagship zombie series, yet there's plenty to go before the story reaches its conclusion. 

As part of the pre-release hoopla, AMC promised fans "11 weeks of 11 reveals" ahead of the show's final season premiere, including a batch of new teasers and production stills.

While fresh footage from the upcoming season is absent, we get shots of the show's remaining survivors, including fan faves Daryl, Carol, Maggie, all appearing surly alongside series newcomer Michael James Shaw. Shaw joins the cast as Mercer, the chief officer of the Soldiers of the Commonwealth, a new faction of colonies set to debut in the final season. 

What we know of the series so far, suggests a slew of heartache and strife from our separated gang of survivors. Talking to EW, showrunner Angela Kang promised fans this last hurrah will feature "tons of zombies and lots of action and fun and intrigue, and locations we've never seen." 

From the descriptions AMC dropped recently, we know Eugene, Ezekiel, Jerry, Princess and Yumiko's group will be dealing with the Commonwealth in episode two, while Maggie's gang encounter danger and Daryl's continues to search for Dog. 

All of these teasers lay the groundwork for a solid final season, sending a wave of sadness through the fanbase. While this is where we'll say goodbye to the main storyline, The Walking Dead universe continues on in many, many forms. 

Click through the below gallery for more The Walking Dead season 11 goodness.

As well as the Fear the Walking Dead series about to drop season 7, other spin-offs in the works include a Daryl and Carol show, a trilogy of feature-length sequel movies continuing the story of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, and an anthology show Tales of The Walking Dead. The dead just won't stay dead, will they?

The Walking Dead season 11 premieres on AMC Plus August 22. UK viewers can catch the season premiere on Star on Disney Plus the next day, August 23. Ahead of the premiere, catch a glimpse at the gallery of production stills below and chow down on our picks of the best zombie movies ever.

Gem Seddon

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