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The Walking Dead showrunner on "gigantic" season 11 premiere: "Hopefully unlike anything people have seen before"

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead may be preparing to air an extra six episodes in an extended season 10, but our eyes are also inevitably being drawn to the show’s eleventh (and final) season. Speaking to GamesRadar+’s sister publication SFX Magazine, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang teased the scope and scale of the season 11 premiere that will mark the beginning of the end.

"We’re in the middle of prepping a pretty gigantic premiere for season 11," Kang laughs. "It’s going to have some action which – even this deep into it all – is hopefully unlike anything people have seen before. We’re always trying to creatively top ourselves, give people a really fun, cinematic experience, while also being true to these characters that people have grown to love."

"Surprisingly, there’s always still more room to go in different directions," she continues. "The Whisperers went to a certain kind of scope and scale and epicness, but the next story we’re going into has a different version of it. We’re not going to be repeating ourselves with the type of story that we’re doing, but there’s still going to be lots of fun, scares, horror, and action."

After a delayed season 10 finale, The Walking Dead opted to extend its season by six more episodes, which air starting March 1 on FOX in the UK.  Season 11, meanwhile, will be an extra-long farewell: 24 episodes are planned with the show set to end in 2022.

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