The Walking Dead season 8 review round-up: "[The show] has found its groove again"

You’d be forgiven for giving up the ghost with The Walking Dead season 8 but, hey, wait, come back! The show is back on track this time. Honest. Don’t take my word for it; there’s a whole host of reviews out that suggest the show has reverted to its glory years. Even if some still aren’t happy with it.

Note: GamesRadar+’s full review will be up after the Walking Dead season 8 premiere airs on October 22 to avoid spoiling it for you fine folks.

The Walking Dead season 8's more optimistic tone - WeGotThisCovered

“One of the most initially striking things about the premiere is the show’s shift to a more optimistic tone; it’s exhilarating to watch the good guys find their fire again, making preparations for a massive, all-out attack on Negan’s main compound.”

The Walking Dead season 8's fresh direction - The Independent

“Has everything been building to this premiere? Perhaps not, but it certainly feels like this series has been bolstered by a renewed sense of purpose in six short months. While paying homage to past seasons with callbacks to scenes from far simpler early days, 'Mercy' is refreshingly far more versed in where these characters are headed as opposed to rehashing the reasons why they're at war with the Saviours.”

The Walking Dead season 8's explosive start - Deadline

“The Walking Dead has found its groove again...Yes, there are still some of those Season 7 script issues and time shifts that hinder the story and the action. Yet in a case of truth in advertising, the ever-expanding show quickly and explosively charges into the “All Out War” promised and proclaimed by AMC.”

The Walking Dead season 8's ability to shock - Newsday

“There are, in fact, a series of scenes in “Mercy” that suggest “TWD” isn’t fully drained of the ability to shock, or at least surprise. To describe them in any greater detail here approaches spoiler territory, but they are intriguing, also evidence that “TWD” likely knows it can’t keep recycling the same old story, albeit with higher stakes each time.”

The Walking Dead season 8's... same old story - Forbes

“Alas, once again the show's creators have failed to learn from past mistakes, failed to make significant improvements to the increasingly sloppy writing and plotting, and continue to treat the show's viewers as though we're stupid. Far from a return to the glory days, the Season 8 premiere is a jarring, confusing mess of an episode, in turns pretentious and mind-bogglingly nonsensical.”

Image: AMC

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