The Top 7... Unfunny games

4. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch
2003 | PS2, PSone, Xbox, PC

As bad as Big Mutha Truckers 2 was, at least its creators tried to put some thought into their blind stabs at humor. Celebrity Deathmatch doesn't even go that far, adapting the moderately funny claymation series into a simplistic fighter with a roster of B-list celebrities and a bunch of fart gags and lame visual puns instead of actual jokes.

Some of these make sense. Like, Ron Jeremy whipping out a rubber chicken at crotch level, or riding a giant banana? We get that, even though it's stupid; dude's a porn star. But Anna Nicole Smith squirting jets of milk from her breasts? That's just nasty. That goes double for Mr. T launching himself into the air in a huge green fart cloud. Ironic or not, the guy's a hero to millions of children in adult bodies, and the game doesn't score any points by making him look disgusting.

Above: Ron Jeremy whips it out and the concept of humor dies

Even discounting the fact that having Anna Nicole as a playable character makes the game weirdly morbid now, Celebrity Deathmatch is just kind of depressing. The colors are bland, the animations are even stiffer and creepier than the TV show and - once you get over the brief thrill of dismembering a celebrity you hate - there just isn't much game here at all.

Also, any game that includes prop comic Carrot Top as a playable character is automatically unfunny. We don't care if they included him just so players could carve him up with a chainsaw in the ring - the man is the death of comedy, and if you can't see that, then we hate you.