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The Top 7... Games you won’t get to until 2009

Edged out by: Nobody really giving a shit about Lara Croft anymore.

Why it’ll have to wait: Actually, you might want to wait on this one; if the reviews are any indication, it’s possible that a future DLC expansion pack might make the game considerably longer. As it stands, however, Tomb Raider: Underworld’s six levels have drawn fire from critics who complain that – while the gameplay itself is pretty good – the game feels unfinished and ends too abruptly.

Above: Can gamers actually be tired of staring at this ass? Sales point to yes

Really, though, the thing that’s keeping Underworld away from gamers’ immediate attention has nothing to do with length or gameplay. It’s just that Lara Croft isn’t anywhere near as beloved (outside of the UK, anyway) as she used to be, and exploring trap-filled ruins just hasn’t been the same since Prince of Persia redefined it. Couple that knowledge with middling review scores and the fact that the new Prince of Persia is due out any second now, and it’s easy to understand why a lot of you aren’t going to touch this one until January, if at all.

Edged out by: The sad, simple fact that original games are at a severe disadvantage during the holidays.

Why it’ll have to wait: Did we say that Valkyria Chronicles has “Okami 2008*” written all over it? We might have spoken too soon. While Mirror’s Edge’s free-running, minimally violent first-person action might have captured the minds of a lot of gamers, it hasn’t exactly been capturing their wallets in record numbers. While we’d certainly like to see Mirror’s Edge do well, early sales reports haven’t been promising.

Above: Eh, maybe later

Maybe it’s because of the way heroine Faith comes off as glassy-eyed and humorless in the commercials, or maybe it’s the combination of a first-person viewpoint and fast platforming gameplay, but something seems to be putting off potential buyers. Then again, maybe it’s as simple the general vibe we’ve been getting from our co-workers and colleagues across the industry, that Mirror’s Edge is a game everyone would really like to play… right after they’re finished with all the others. If that’s true for gamers at large, then Mirror’s Edge epitomizes the idea behind this article, and chances are that even if you intend to buy and play it before the year is out, it’s not at the top of your list. No, you’ll probably focus on other stuff for now, and shift your focus back to Mirror’s Edge once you’ve either got more time on your hands or – and this is, sadly, more likely – the game has found its way into bargain bins.

*And again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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