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The Top 7... Games we want announced at E3 2010

While we’ve pined for a new GTA in previous articles like this one, that doesn’t make us want it announced any less, and speculation is running higher than ever that we’ll see something of the next game at E3. The thing is, we’ll be surprised if it’s actually at the show in any form, as developer/publisher Rockstar Games is in the habit of never having an official E3 presence.

However, that hasn’t stopped it from announcing or revealing new GTAs during previous E3s, whether through unannounced exclusive coverage in Game Informer or announcements at other companies’ press conferences. So we’ll be surprised if we get through the Sony and Microsoft press events without seeing at least some confirmation of the next GTA. Just, please – no more bullshit reveals with a logo and nothing else. We had our fill of that with GTA IV, and we don’t think we can put up with the suspense again.

Above: Please not this again

Instead, we want to see some hard details: where’s it going to be set? Who’s the protagonist? Will any familiar faces return? What will the screenshots look like? Rockstar doesn’t have to give it all away right off the bat, but hey, give us something to chew on while we wait for the trailers and details to start rolling in.

Will we see a return to the crazy hills and open wilderness of San Andreas, or are our UK counterparts justified in hoping for a London-set sequel? Maybe the series will finally venture to a new city altogether. Maybe it’ll be another subtitled entry, while Rockstar keeps the “real” GTA V waiting in reserve until the next console generation rolls around.

Above: And maybe it’ll lose the dour seriousness, like Ballad of Gay Tony did. We can certainly hope

Any way you look at this, though, all we’ve got right now is speculation – and we’ll be more than a little disappointed if we don’t have anything more to go on by the time E3 2010 wraps.

Jun 7, 2010

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