The Top 7... evil corporations

Ultor Corporation%26ndash; Red Faction: Guerrilla and Saints Row 2

A brief history of the company:

The Ultor Corporation began as a simple clothing company (seen in Saints Row) and eventually rose to become an interplanetary mega-corporation. We’re not putting any jokes in this part because it’s so ridiculous on its own. It made the leap from clothing to city redevelopment and, eventually, in Red Faction, mineral mining on Mars (the planet).

Careful Saints Row 2 players may discover some experimental mining equipment while playing. It was hidden in the game to give a clue about Ultor’s rise to power between the end of Saints Row 2 and the beginning of Red Faction. Here’s its business model:

Silph Co. %26ndash; Pokemon

S.I.N. %26ndash; Street Fighter IV