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The Suffering: Nasty new screens

We haven't looked at Midway's The Suffering in a while but we finally have some new shots of the game in action... but only if you're not too faint hearted. The game's a truly gruesome third-person action trip into the bowls of hell. It wouldn't seem out of place alongside Clive Barker's Cenobites, of Hellraiser fame. Take one look at the porky green guy and you'll see we do not jest.

In the main, the game takes place in the maximum-security prison based on Alcatraz. Playing as condemned prisoner Torque - who may or may not have committed the murder he's incarcerated for - survival is your first priority.

If you manage to keep all your body parts intact, you'll next turn to pondering what the hell is going on. What with diabolic creatures, traumatic flashbacks, blackouts and the little matter of turning into a hideous creature bent on destruction when you have a hissy fit, things have clearly gone awry.

Nine levels, ten lethal weapons, 12 disgusting monsters and around 20 hours of gameplay later, you'll discover the mystery behind Torque. However, there are three possible endings depending on how you've played through the game. Whether you're a murdering psycho, an innocent man or something very different indeed, is in your own hands.

Check the link below if you like your games dripping with gore and blood and download the movie too. It certainly hits a level of nastiness you don't see in the gaming world everyday.

The Suffering will be out on PS2 and Xbox on 14 May