The Sims Stories begin

Three new Sims games have been announced today, ushering in a new form of life-sim gameplay focusing on plot progression. The Sims Life Stories, The Sims Pets Stories and The Sims Castaway Stories will bring a story-driven aspect to the series, with Life Stories arriving first and billed by developer EA as "a wonderful romantic comedy."

The trio are designed to be laptop-friendly, so you won't need to own any other versions - unlike the numerous add-on packs currently available. Life Stories features a duo of tales starring two hopeless characters, Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore, as they attempt to resolve their loveless lives and... well, you can probably guess the rest.

If your gag reflex is about to be triggered, you might like to know that there's a promise of traditional open-ended gameplay in addition - or as an alternative - to the rom-com schmaltziness. Or you could wait for Pets Stories to care and train a gaggle of small animals; or Castaway Stories to start a new life on the virgin territory of a desert island.

There's currently no release date for Life Stories but The Sims Pets Stories will bound into shops in the summer, while The Sims Castaway Stories isn't due to reach these shores until winter next year. Is EA dicing with danger inscrewing withthe Sims' basic appeal? Or are you counting your pennies already for these standalone specials?Hit the forumand speak out.

January 16, 2007