The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories update lets your Sims' neighbors die horrible deaths, too

The Sims 4
(Image credit: EA)

Your Sims' neighbors can now die in a number of grisly ways, thanks to The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories update. 

The Neighborhood Stories system made its debut in 2021 as a way for other neighboring Sims in your game to experience events outside of what your current household might be doing. Now, with its most recent update, Neighbor Sims can participate in activities like dating, which can eventually even lead to childbirth (if you play your cards right). Other Sims in the world outside of your active household might even adopt a pet, change careers, or make some other surprising choices that you can peek in on. 

Oh, and they can also die in different kinds of accidents, too, which all depends on specific risk factors like Age, Traits, and Career. It may sound completely automated, but you actually have a set of controls with which you can alter what kinds of life changes your Neighbor Sims can and can't have.

For instance, you can configure your Sims in specific ways, whether that means enabling or disabling changes individually with independent configurations per Sim household or just letting everything fly free. Throw caution to the wind! Nothing too bad's going to happen to your neighbor Sims...right?

Plus, there are additional options for you to play around with as well thanks to this update. If controlling your regular Sim lives isn't that exciting anymore for you and you like to stay recent on the happenings of Neighbor Sims, you can do that with the new Check Recent Neighborhood Stories interaction. It'll let you visit your Neighbor Sims and get acquainted with everything that's been going on in their life since you last spoke. 

Here's hoping nothing untoward happens to them while you're removing bathroom doors to lock Sims in with the facilities or making them do other weird, ridiculous things. 

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Brittany Vincent