The Sims 4 Knitting Stuff Pack to include rocking chairs, reminiscing, and an in-game Etsy

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The Sims 4 designer SimGuruConor has revealed the first batch of details about the upcoming Knitting Stuff Pack for EA and Maxis' ever popular life simulator, which is set to release within the next six months. 

The paid expansion, which was voted for by The Sims 4 community to be the next content drop after last year's Tiny Living update, will focus heavily on creating your own custom clothing via the new Knitting mechanic.  

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SimGuruConor showed off the new user interface in blog post, seen above, which allows users of the Knitting Stuff Pack to clearly see what they can create via their sims' new hobby, including the colours and type of clothing available. 

In addition, the update will introduce Rocking Chairs into the mix; a new furniture type that SimGuruConor reveals "mostly function like regular chairs, but with a few added twists." Sims can "talk, watch TV, listen to music, read books, and knit" while sat in the rocking chair, while Elder sims will even be able to reminisce on a lifetime of memories, though it sounds like this mechanic is still in the early stages of the design process. 

Finally, The Sims 4 Knitting Stuff Pack introduces Plopsy, which the post describes as "an online store where Sims can sell their crafted art".

"Being able to sell your knitted items online felt like a really strong feature for this pack, and we weren’t sure if just dragging an object into the Sell button was gonna cut it." explains SimGuruConor. "With Plopsy, Sims will be able to list their objects online for a small fee in hopes that an internet stranger will buy it. Once a buyer is found, Sims will need to ship the object themselves by routing to the mailbox. Or they can ignore someone’s offer, and try for a better deal."

You'll also be able to purchase new items from Plopsy, though its unclear if this includes other player's creations, or just a randomised selection of predetermined rewards. Either way, you can already tell this new pack is going to be a big deal for The Sims community, and hopefully we'll have a more specific release date soon. 

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