The Sims 4 joins the likes of Baldur's Gate 3, Minecraft, and The Outer Worlds in adding vitiligo skin options

The Sims 4 vitiligo
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The Sims 4 has become even more inclusive by adding vitiligo skin detail options, following in Baldur's Gate 3, Minecraft, and The Outer Worlds' footsteps.

Earlier this week, Maxis and EA teamed up with model Winnie Harlow - who has brought a lot of awareness to the skin condition - to announce that it was introducing vitiligo skin details to its life sim in the latest update. 

The Sims 4 has become known for adding more inclusive options in its Create-A-Sim menu, including things like birthmarks, stretch marks, cesarean scars and top surgery scars, shapewear, and medical wearables, and now it's giving players more options to feel represented. 

In a blog post, the developer explains the process behind bringing the new skin detail to The Sims 4. "When it came to vitiligo in The Sims, we knew we wanted to start with providing a range of patterns showing different levels of coverage and symmetry," the post reads. "Our Concept Artist and Art Director collaborated to design a diverse set of patterns across faces, torso sections, and limbs."

The developer goes on to explain: "Since vitiligo affects people of all ethnicities and skin types, our Senior Character Artist intentionally created the first assets to work with a Sim's skin tone. As you cycle through the shades and change from warm to neutral to cool, the color of your Sim’s vitiligo will adjust to change with it." The team says they developed 61 vitiligo variants that can be applied to any Sim regardless of skin tone or age. 

Once you've downloaded the latest update for The Sims 4, you'll find the new vitiligo assets in the Create-A-Sim mode, under the Skin Details category for both Face and Body. Here, you'll be able to select different options for your Sim's face, upper torso, lower torso, arms, and legs in a variety of patterns. You'll also be able to edit this as your Sim grows. 

It's always great to see Maxis and EA working to make its life-sim more inclusive, especially since vitiligo has also been an available option for custom characters in other games such as Baldur's Gate 3, Minecraft, and The Outer Worlds. Here's hoping more developers add this option to their character creation menus soon. 

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