The Sims 2 University review

GamesMaster joins the party as Sims 2 expands in search of some higher learning...

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The first of what will probably be many Sims 2 expansion packs gives you the opportunity to live the life of student - y'know being 'crazy', partying, catching meningitis, drinking yourself blind every night - you can see the attraction.

Initially, Uni can be a lonely existence. Your Sim is away from his family, living in a small cubicle with classes to attend and assignments to do. And with very little money to spend, you really have to apply yourself to carve out a meaningful existence for your Sim student.

It's worth it, though, it as there's the opposite sex to attract, serious chilling out to be done and pranks to be pranked.

And once you become Van Wilder, life can becomes easier as you can influence people to help you with homework, leaving you more time to get on with life/earning/relationships.

While Sims is undoubtedly fun to play, the way Maxis have clinically identified what makes people successful is a bit creepy. Seeing life reconstructed by a series of nought and ones is weird... and maybe a little bit depressing.

Sims 2 University is out now for PC

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DescriptionOn the other hand, what kind of mutant goes to university just to study? If you want to, you can just as easily fart around and do nothing more constructive than play darts and hit on anything with legs.
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