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The Sims 2: Free Time review

Fill your empty hours with computer bird watching

There’s other new content. Each hobby has an associated community lot, there are five new career paths and your Sims can develop a secondary aspiration to balance out the single minded drive for wealth or love. Probably most welcome is the option to drag three friends along with your aging Sim, so there’s no more abandoning your high school sweetheart because she’s permanently stuck in tenth grade.

Free Time is more a gap filler than anything else. It gives a few more things to do and smoothes some rough edges, but there’s a sense that EA is playing out the string here. More content is welcome, but many of the lots just give you things Sims can do at home with fewer loading screens. It’s good filler, but still filler.

March 07, 2008

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DescriptionHobbies can be full of unexpected moments, especially for Sims with low skill levels.
Franchise nameThe Sims
UK franchise nameThe Sims
US censor rating"Teen"
UK censor rating"12+"