The Simpsons - updated impressions

Actually playable at E3, the DS is essentially a side-scrolling adaptation of the larger console game, but with its very own special features, the most notable being the inclusion of a "pet" Homer. Taking a hands-on-hips view of the Tamagotchi franchise, you have to keep your man-mountain happy, entertained, and most impossibly, full - but not too full, unless you want him to die and need zapping back to life with a touch screen defibrillator. Tamagotchi Corner Shop meets Grey's Anatomy.

The Wii version has a strong emphasis on co-operative play, which on DS is replaced by the option to play lots of multiplayer minigames with friends off a single cart, which is nice.

In fact, it seems that everyone this year has started cottoning on to the fact that the little DS can handle more with special effects and one of the most colorful plays we've seen on the little console yet, it's shaping up great.