The Simpsons - updated impressions

Written by Simpsons writers, developed by Simpson's fans, and safeguarded by a large team of lawyers employed to make sure they get away with all of the poking-fun-at-games-industry gags they're working on, we're really getting quite excited about this. And with "very special" features promised exclusively to the Wii edition, we might not be disappointed, either.

At E3 we chortled merrily to ourselves as we watched a beautiful games-industry-apeing moment, when Marge led a mob trying to thwart and destroy Grand Theft Scratchy. She attracted people to her side and got them to vandalise and destroy things around the town by simple button taps. Although all we were allowed to get our pinned-open eye sockets on was the 360 demo, we have high hopes for remote-specific moves and innovative and comic use of the Wii controllers. Come on - they've got to poke fun at the motion controls somehow...

And there's an awful lot of game here to play - there's a full 16 episodes of Simpsons, each one with its own unique plotlines and packed full of self-aware, fun videogames mocking.