The Simpsons serves Hot Coffee

Oct 8, 2007

We've already discovered that EA were nudged into cutting parts of The Simpsons Game, as reported by lead designer Greg Rizzer, but it seems there's been plenty of mickey-taking left in too - most humourously an Achievement for the 360 version called Hot Coffee.

Now, wait. This isn't an unlockable cartoon version of that most infamous of GTA scandals. Instead, it's awarded for completing a timed challenge in the Rockstar-poking level of The Simpsons Game titled Grand Theft Scratchy. So, funny idea, but not exactly hilarious in practice.

Other achievements revealed on weblog include the unfathomable Press START to Play, a Spinal Tap-inspired Goes to 11 award and the Ninja Theory-baiting Heavenly Score. Still, EA, it would've been nice for these awards to tie somewhat amusingly into the games they reference. At the very least, it might have made this particular news story a hell of a lot more interesting...

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