The Rock changes his Game Plan

You can’t help but like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He might not always pick the best projects (Doom, anyone?) but he certainly knows how to come across as a thoroughly decent human being.

Take the news that El Rocko has been injured while training for his next movie, Disney’s American Footie comedy The Game Plan. The poor bloke ruptured his Achilles tendon (ouch!) while practicing for the role (he takes this stuff seriously) and will now have to undergo surgery by top docs on Friday to repair the damage. The resulting delay means production on The Game Plan will be shut down until he’s properly recovered.

The statement from Disney, while pleasant, comes across as a little… robotic: “While this is a set back for our production schedule, we completely support him as he recuperates and look forward to resuming production when Dwayne is fully recovered," Nina Jacobson, President of Walt Disney Motion Picture Group trotted out to The Hollywood Reporter.

Compare that to Johnson’s statement: “I approached this role trying to be as true to the character as possible and the fact is professional athletes train hard and get hurt. My injury, while serious, is unfortunately common with this type of activity. I am so appreciative of the outpouring of support that I have received from Disney, and all those involved with this film. I anticipate that with some TLC, pizza and a lot of donuts, I will be making a speedy recovery and will be able to get myself, and everyone who has been working so hard on this production, back to the business of doing what we love most, making movies."

See? The man knows how to get better. Forget grapes. Grapes are for wimps. We’d make a joke here about Disney being hopping mad, but we… Oh, too late.

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