The Resident Evil 8 vampire lady is so popular, she’s begun appearing in other games

Resident Evil 8 Village
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Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil 8, has made such an impression online that fans have begun placing her into other games with customizable characters.  

Shared on both the r/AnimalCrossing (opens in new tab) and r/Sims4 (opens in new tab) subreddits, players have begun customizing their playable characters to look like the 9ft tall gothic woman. 

Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters from r/AnimalCrossing
Lady Dimitrescu from RE8 in The Sims4 from r/Sims4

Reddit user u/glitch_soup (opens in new tab), who is responsible for recreating Lady Dimitrescu in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, did so using a combination of things from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween update including body paint and the ‘Haunt’ reaction. Not to mention a little help from villagers Aurora and Diana to play Dimitrescu's daughters.

As for u/Unlucky_Poetry_9885 (opens in new tab), the creator of the Dimitrescu sim in The Sims 4,  they’ve stated that they used a mod to make the sim taller (opens in new tab) and has since uploaded the creation to The Sims 4 Gallery (opens in new tab), where players can share in-game creations and download them for their own The Sims 4 setups. 

The obsession with Lady Dimitrescu all began when she was revealed at the Resident Evil Showcase that took place January 21. She captivated fans so much that Capcom had to even release a statement as the character’s height had become a highly discussed topic online. 

In a tweet that read “your love for Lady Dimitrescu is loud and clear”, Resident Evil 8’s (also known as Resident Evil Village) art director Tomonori Takano confirmed that Dimitrescu is in fact 2.9m, approximately 9’6 tall, with her hat and heels on. Takano also took the time to thank all the fans who continue to support the Resident Evil team. 

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