The Resident Evil 4 Remake demo has an ultra-hard difficulty mode that pops up at random

Resident Evil 4 remake
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 4 Remake's new demo quietly has an exclusive new difficulty mode.

As discovered by the Twitter user just below earlier today, on March 10, a 'Mad Chainsaw Mode' is buried in the new demo. If you're willing to test your skills in Resident Evil 4's Remake, look no further than this apparent brutal new difficulty level.

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There's some debate over when the new level unlocks, though. Some claim that Mad Chainsaw Mode was unlocked after beating the demo once, while others say it wasn't until the fourth time they beat the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo that the screen above appeared for them.

Moreover, you can't just enable Mad Chainsaw Mode from a menu. The demo will approach you with undertaking the challenge of the difficulty mode, and if you decline, you'll have to wait until the offer is extended again in the future to run the gauntlet.

It's a weird old thing, bundling in a demo-exclusive difficulty mode like this. Then again, Capcom probably wants to keep Resident Evil 4 fans busy for as long as possible with this relatively short demo. What better way to do that than with a difficulty mode that activates entirely at random?

So far, the Resident Evil 4 Remake's demo has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from long-time fans and newcomers alike. We were similarly blown away in our own hands-on with the demo, completely absorbed by the new vision it offers of the classic Capcom caper. March 24 can't come soon enough for Resident Evil 4 Remake fans everywhere.

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