The Predator director Shane Black reveals how he’s making sure the franchise returns to its R-rated roots

The Predator, right or wrongly, doesn’t have the same fear factor is used to, but director of the upcoming soft reboot, Shane Black, aims to change all that. In fact, as revealed during an interview with our sister publication SFX magazine, he pushed hard for an R rating, not wanting to shy away from what made the extra-terrestrial hunter so popular in the first place.

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So, how will Black go about getting that coveted R rating? Well, there are a few key ingredients to consider: “A Predator movie has to in some way include a version of framing it as a hunt,” the director tells SFX

“Also, the tension of the unseen is very important. And then the brutality, which started to get lost as the movies went PG. So, we said, ‘Okay, let’s make sure we get this at least rated R,’ so that when the Predator strikes, the results have to be calamitous, and often bloody.”

The key takeaway from all of that is we won’t see a return to the likes of Alien vs. Predator’s tepid PG-13 rating. This is an all-out throwback to what worked in the 1987 original, with even the look for this version of the Predator drawing inspiration from the classic hunter found lurking in the shadows, as Black explains: “He’s a hunter. He appears, he strikes, he retreats. Just keep him as deadly, as fast, agile and almost cheetah-like as possible. The more you see him walking around doing stuff or making himself breakfast, the less it’s going to be effective.”

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