The original Trigun manga is getting a deluxe reprint

Trigun manga art
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Trigun fans rejoice - the original Trigun manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and its follow up Trigun Maximum are both set to receive new deluxe hardcover US releases by Dark Horse Comics, as announced through Anime News Network.

The Trigun deluxe edition is 672 pages, compiling both volumes of the original Trigun manga. The Trigun Maximum deluxe edition clocks in at 584 pages. Both books will be released in their original 7x10 format.

(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

For those not in the know, Trigun follows the story of Vash the Stampede, a gunslinger battling his way across the world of No Man's Land. The manga has been adapted into a series of popular anime shows and movies which have earned Trigun a massive global following.

Some readers may wonder if a recent spike in Trigun's popularity on Twitter may have inspired the new deluxe print editions of the manga, but Dark Horse has been teasing Trigun news since at least April.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user with the improbable username of Bigolas Dickolas Wolfwood (a reference to Trigun character Nicholas D. Wolfwood) caused a 2019 sci-fi novel titled This is How You Lose the Time War to go viral, leading to a resurgence in interest in the user's other, very Trigun-centric tweets, as well as a surge in discussions of Trigun thanks to their comedic username.

Bigolas Dickolas' tweet (yes, I'm typing it again - if I had room to repeat the name a thousand times I'd find an excuse) doesn't seem to have sparked Dark Horse's apparently long in-gestation plans to reprint a deluxe Trigun hardcover, but here's hoping the Bigolas Dickolas (there it is again) viral sensation will extend to excitement about the manga itself.

Trigun Deluxe Edition goes on sale December 5 in bookstores and December 6 in comic shops, followed by Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition in April 2024.

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