The origin of Sam Wilson's Captain America shield shows how important he is to the Marvel Universe

Captain America #750 interior art
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Sam Wilson has carried his own brand-new Captain America shield since he joined Steve Rogers as one of two current Caps in Marvel Comics continuity in late 2022. Now, with the oversized Captain America #750 anniversary issue, the creators of Sam's Captain America: Symbol of Truth ongoing title tell the tale of how Sam got his new shield - and the weight of the Marvel history behind it.

Light spoilers ahead for Captain America #750.

In the opening story of the landmark anthology issue, writer Tochi Onyebuchi, artist RB Silva, colorist Jesus Aburtov, and letterer Joe Caramagna tell a flashback tale, showcasing how Sam Wilson got his unique shield and became Captain America again. 

The flashback starts with the arrival of Sam's longtime ally and on-again-off-again romantic partner Misty Knight, who delivers the shield to him personally. Though he admires the shield's design, Sam is hesitant to accept it, and the responsibility that comes with it. He admits to Misty that he fears it will once again be taken from him.

But Misty then explains the shield's origins to Sam. 

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"T'Challa supplied the Vibranium. Tony molded the design. Thor used his hammer. And I used mine," Misty states. "Sharon, Pietro, Monica, heck, even Mayor Luke Cage. Natasha…Steve. They all said the same thing…You need to do this."

"This isn't just about you Sam," she entreats. "This is about us. This is about all the people who came together to make this thing. For you. It's not just me. It's all of us. All of us who decided that this is the time. This is your time."

After Misty name checks basically the entire Avengers, Sam accepts the shield, catching us back up to the time when it debuted with 2022's Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1. 

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It's not exactly clear whether Sam will get his own title again after the upcoming Captain America Finale one-shot, as writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Jesus Saiz will relaunch a new Captain America #1 starring Steve Rogers later this year. But Sam is the Captain America of the current Avengers roster in the team's ongoing series.

Captain America: Finale #1 goes on sale August 16.

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