The Office US showrunner reflects on the series' legacy: "It’s very touching how many people are getting comfort from it"

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During this lockdown, many people have turned to their favourite comfort watches and one of the most popular has been The Office US. Look anywhere on social media and you are bound to find memes of Steve Carell's character Michael Scott, or people reminiscing about the show. 

GamesRadar+ caught up with showrunner Greg Daniels to discuss his new project Space Force, which will soon be available on Netflix, and spoke about the legacy of The Office. "It’s very touching, in a way, how many people are getting comfort from it," he says. "I remember, when we were on the air, we would have an awful lot of people going through hardship and medical problems who would come and visit the set. I always thought it was nice that the show was something that they took for strength. 

"I was always curious about why that was. I thought it was because there was no laugh track, and you were able to take it in at your own pace. But I think maybe it has to do with the characters – the match of the characters with their roles, and the actors. You got to know them. The reality style broke down some kind of barrier so that you really felt they were real."

At the moment, though, part of it may be that people are generally missing being with their friends, including those at the office. "Yeah, that’s probably a big part of it now," he laughs. "Everyone is trapped at home, and they’re not hanging out with anybody that they work with."

For more on Space Force, check out our extensive interviews with the cast and further quotes from Daniels. Space Force, which reteams Daniels with Carell, is on Netflix now.

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