The next two Sims 4 kits have two extremely different vibes

The Sims 4 kit
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The Sims 4 is getting two new kits this month, one that'll encourage Sims to spend more time outdoors, and another that'll make retreating into a basement more appealing.

As revealed by EA earlier this week, The Sims 4 is getting the Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures kits tomorrow. The first kit will allow players to get in touch with nature by designing their own greenhouse with the help of new garden decor and items such as starter seedlings, stacks of pots, a planting table, hanging flower baskets, and more. 

The second of the two kits, Basement Treasures, will let players do pretty much the exact opposite and create a classic basement room. To make this section of the house feel lived in, players can enjoy a range of old/new items such as retro TVs, dusty trinkets, hand-me-down furniture, and more to create a grungy space to shut the world out from. 

The Sims 4 fans have already found a lot of reasons to be excited about these new kits, with the vintage heart bed (that looks like it could have been inspired by the first Sims game) gaining a lot of attention in the replies to the tweet below. It seems The Sims 4 players are also happy to be getting more greenery in the life sim too. 

If you've been sold on either or both of these kits for The Sims 4, the good news is that we really don't have to wait long to get our hands on them. Both the Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures kits will be available on PC (via EA app, Origin, Steam, Epic Game Store), as well as on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 20. 

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