The next generation of stereotype-busting esports pros who are raising their game

Samsung KX
(Image credit: Samsung)

A brand-new short documentary made by Samsung KX is looking at the next generation of progressive esports athletes. 

Hosted by Chelcee Grimes, a singer-songwriter who also plays for Tranmere Rovers L.F.C, the short doc follows three young, inspirational esports pros, including Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman, Matt ‘Deadly’ Smith, and Allie ‘ Alliestrasza’ MacPherson, as they reveal how they've taken their game to the next level and how esports are evolving. You can head to the Samsung KX website to watch it now.

In the short documentary, Chelcee gets a chance to chat to all three esports pros. Jaden 'Wolfiez' Ashman tells Chelcee about what it was like to become the youngest ever esports pro to win a million dollars, and how it opened his eyes to the potential of a career in esports, along with how he trains for major competitions. In her chat with Allie ‘Alliestrasza’ MacPherson, the pair discuss the growing representation of women in esports, as well as MacPherson's advice for female gamers coming through. On top of that, Matt 'Deadly' Smith talks about the doors esports have opened up for him, including the places he's been able to visit and what it's like to train as part of a shared house. If there's one thing they all agree on, it's that esports takes as much dedication as physical sports, and that it's only going to get bigger. 

All three offer compelling arguments on why esports athletes are becoming more and more professional, and what can be done to make the space a more welcoming and diverse place for players. On top of that, they also discuss the strategies and tactics that have helped take them to the next level - so whether you want to learn more about how they've taken their game up a notch in the professional esports scene, or how to compete yourself, make sure you watch it now on the Samsung KX website

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For more info on Samsung KX, and Next Level Gaming, head to its official website here.    

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