The next game from the Tetris Effect devs stars a ghost dog leading humans into weird as hell puzzles

(Image credit: Humanity)

Humanity is the next game from Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect mastermind Tetsuya Mizaguchi.

Earlier today on February 23, Enhance unveiled their brand new game at the new PlayStation State of Play showcase. In short, Humanity looks absolutely wild, a game where you're suddenly a dog, leading what looks to be the whole of humanity on daring missions against... something.

Yeah, there's a lot that this trailer shows, but doesn't really tell us. We can see the dog leading humans through what looks to be various deadly puzzles at one point, even wielding what look to be suspiciously like lightsabers along the way, but to what end?

Considering this is a game from Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect pioneer Tetsuya Mizaguchi, you can be sure of one thing: the music will absolutely slap. As evidenced in the new trailer for Humanity, there's certainly a banging soundtrack to go along with whatever the hell we're doing in the new game.

There's actually a limited-time demo for Humanity out today on February 23, for both PS5 and PSVR 2 users. Additionally, the trailer for the game revealed a release window of May 2023, so all things considered, there isn't actually that long to wait until we can get our hands on the final product.

If you thought Humanity was weird at first glance, just wait until you get this thing into VR. Enhance sure has been cooking something strong with this one.

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Hirun Cryer

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