The new look GamesRadar is HERE!

Welcome to the new look GamesRadar.

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope you like it. The entire GamesRadar team has worked extremely hard to deliver this redesign and we hope you'll agree it's a massive leap forward for the site.

We've gone for a much more regimented and ordered design which allows our writers, video editors and artists to get much more content on the pages. Finally we've got a great 'shop window' for the innovative, informative, original, challenging and plain weird video game stories the GR editorial team dream up daily. We've reformatted the database which will drastically improve the quality and quantity of your search results. We've got a new video player, a new screen shot viewer, quick links to jump to specific games, guides and big features, plus loads more to discover.

Put simply the site should now be much easier on the eye and much easier to get around. Click about, see what you think. What did we get right? What did we mess up? Drop us amailand let us know your opinion.User feedbackplayed a huge part in guiding the GamesRadar redesign and will continue to have a great influence on the site as we move forward.

And of course, we're not finished, not by a long way. We're already at work on more, massive, top secret additions to GamesRadar - expect to see a bunch more stuff before the year's out.

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to thank all the staff both editorial and tech, in the US and the UK, for all their insanely hard work on this massive project. I am extremely proud of the results and am sure it'll be a great success. Well done all.

Stephen Pierce
Global Editorial Director

I'm the boss