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The most delicious collection of game cakes you've ever seen

Mmmmmm. There's one thing better than cake. And that's game cake. Whisked, beaten, icing-covered marzipan orgies of oven-baked deliciousness with a creative gaming twist. If it makes your mouth wet just thinking about chomping down on a sugary sweet slice of Super Mario or Sonic then gird your guts patisserie fans because GamesRadar's all new and rudely yummy game-cake gallery is now open for viewing.

We've gobbled together over 150 tantalising images of inspired kitchen craftery. From Asteroids to Zelda and everything in between, this is one almighty sugar rush of game cake gluttony. To jump to the gallery, simply click the image below. Pig out people!

Note: We have searched the far corners of the internet to gather together this mountain of game cake imagery. If a picture you have taken has been included here and you wish for it to be removed, email us and we'll happily do so.

Sept 25, 2008

Waka waka waka (pause) waka waka waka waka

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