The most chaotic Final Fantasy game could get a sequel, if it's popular enough

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
(Image credit: Square Enix)

One of the most chaotic Final Fantasy games could get a sequel, if enough people play the original, that is. 

During a recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin livestream (opens in new tab), the game's producer Tetsuya Nomura mentioned the possibility of a sequel. In the broadcast, Nomura said (translated by Noisy Pixel (opens in new tab)): "When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin first came out, there was a lot of negative bashing, especially online," the developer explains, "however, I’m pleased to say that everyone watching this livestream has grown very fond of Jack and his friends. So much so that some would love to see a sequel."

It's not as simple as Square Enix just deciding to make a sequel though. As Nomura also said during the broadcast: "And if you do want that to happen, then it would certainly help if one person watching this spread the news to 10 other people," he continues, "if word of mouth about the game spreads through the DLC’s completion, proving that this is a title that has really resonated with everyone, there may be a time when we can meet again." 

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was originally released in early 2022 and has since had three lots of DLC released for it. The latest, which releases today (January 27), features all the things we've come to expect from this Final Fantasy title, guns, punching, and chaos. It's also the final lot of DLC for the game, meaning now would be an ideal time for Nomura and the rest of the team to move on to a potential sequel. 

Take a look at our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review to find out if it's worth giving this game a go. 

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