The Man Who Sued God review

Billy Connolly's Lotto ads were voted the most annoying of 2002, so it's fair to say public regard for the hairy Scot has waned somewhat since his acclaimed turn in Mrs Brown. But he's still adored Down Under, which explains why he's headlining this whimsical Australian yarn.

The Big Yin plays a lawyer-turned-fisherman whose insurers refuse to cough up when his boat is destroyed by lightning. His response is to sue the Lord's representatives on Earth and seek compensation for this "Act of God".

It's a clever idea, but Mark Joffe's comedy never quite works. Boring courtroom scene follows boring courtroom scene, Judy Davis overacts as a journalist with an axe to grind and the star is as funny as... Well, those bloody adverts. Colin Friels has some good moments as Billy's brother, but as Oz imports go, this is a long way from Muriel's Wedding. It's right down there with Home And Away and Dannii Minogue.

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