The latest PlayStation security breach is... Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter being hacked

Shuhei Yoshida is one of the best-known public faces of PlayStation. The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios is often seen beaming about projects like PlayStation VR at press conferences or telling his 249,000 Twitter followers about the latest indie game to hit PS4. You don't usually see him tweeting stuff like this:

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Yoshida hasn't suddenly switched sides after more than 20 years with PlayStation. As of this morning he's the latest victim of a hacking group that calls itself "OurMine". The same group claimed responsibility for knocking Pokemon Go's servers offline over the weekend and for breaking into other social media accounts, ranging from that of YouTuber Markiplier to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. This is all supposedly in the name of promoting better internet security, though TechCrunch reports that the group charges anywhere between $30 and $5,000 for its "services".

Here are the rest of the tweets from OurMine in Yoshida's account. I strongly discourage you from visiting the group's site, but I'm not your cyber-dad and you can do what you want.

Sony has had more security issues over the years than anybody would like (except the hackers, I guess), but given how many other accounts and platforms the group has broken into, I doubt you can blame this one on lax internal policies. I'm really hoping Yoshida'sTwitter password isn't just "trianglecirclecrosssquare", anyway.

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