The Last of Us' Tommy on a potential return in Part 3: "there's a lot of potential"

The Last of Us 2
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The actor who played Tommy in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2 has discussed what the character's future might look like if Part 3 was ever made. 

In an interview with Total Film, Jeffrey Pierce (who played Tommy in the games and Perry in the TV show) talked about the future of his in-game character and where he'd like to see Tommy go if Naughty Dog were to develop a third installment of The Last of Us game series. 

"I think one of my favorite things about Neil and the culture of Naughty Dog," Pierce explains, "is that they've said very clearly, if we can't find the compelling stories to tell within that world, we don't care how much money it would make, we're not gonna do it – which in this sort of day and age is just about unheard of."

This next quote contains very minor spoilers for the ending of The Last of Us Part 2, so read ahead at your own risk. 

"There’s a lot of potential for what Tommy would try to do," Pierce continues, "but he's also pretty severely handicapped by the time the second game is over in a very realistic fashion. So his ability to exert force in any way is certainly compromised." Those who have played The Last of Us Part 2 will remember that Tommy receives some nasty injuries during the events of the sequel, ones that affect him months after he receives them.

"I'd be really interested to see how Neil, if he wants to tell that story, how he handles it, how he develops it, and what it grows into," Pierce also tells Total Film, "I think if they do something, it'll be great. And if they don't, then I think it's put to get put to bed still as the most powerful game that's ever been done."

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