The Last of Us episode 3 is being called a "masterpiece" and one of the best episodes of all time

The Last of Us
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Have you recovered yet? The Last of Us episode 3 reinvented Bill and Frank’s story, turning an off-screen romance into a tragic, tender love story. It's a chapter that has captured the hearts of fans both new and old, too, who are declaring it one of the best episodes of all time.

"One of the best episodes of television I've ever watched. Absolute masterpiece," a viewer declared. Another said, "What powerful storytelling. I'd rank it among one of the best pieces of television I have ever seen. Blown away."

Journalist Collin MacGregor held 'Long Long Time' up as "a terrific example of how sometimes deviating from an adaptation's story can strengthen the characters, world, and our connection to it."

One fan wrote, "A beautiful, tender, and real depiction of love. Utterly heartbreaking and tragic. Just incredible stuff," while also describing Nick Offerman's performance as Bill as "brilliant."

"The Last of Us I just watched was the best piece of television, of writing, of acting I've ever seen. An incredibly beautiful political choice. The best thing Nick Offerman has ever done," writer Olivia Messer stated and another simply added that it was "one of the best episodes of TV" they've ever seen.

Need to dive deeper into The Last of Us' most tragic hour to date? We've broken down the biggest Last of Us episode 3 changes from the games, heard from Frank actor Murray Bartlett on the character's untold backstory, and found out more about The Last of Us episode 3 ending shot, including why episode director Peter Hoar had to fight for it.

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