The Last of Us 2 lets Ellie catch ammo midair, if you’re quick enough

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

It turns out Ellie can grab ammo out of the air in The Last of Us 2, if you're quick enough.

In the gameplay clip below, a user on The Last of Us subreddit discovers that if you press Triangle near ammo while it's airborne, Ellie will grab it out of the air. We can see Ellie deliver a brutal shotgun blast to a foe in the video just below, and she then grabs the ammo while it's falling from the fallen enemy, plucking it out of the air with elegance.

Ellie can catch ammo in the air if you press 🔼 quickly from r/thelastofus

This is an incredible discovery in The Last of Us 2, a game that isn't that far removed from being a year old at this point. The comments section underneath the original post just above is filled with users sounding off with their amazement at the recent discovery.

The Last of Us 2 details have something that we've been impressed with for a while. From facial capture and performance down to minute character animation like this. At this point, we suppose we shouldn't really be surprised that Naughty Dog put in an animation for the player character catching ammo out of the air, just on the off chance anyone actually managed to pull it off.

Similarly, a Last of Us 2 Supernatural easter egg was uncovered in the game in late 2020. It turns out Superatural actor Jensen Ackles had been visiting the Seattle Convention Center when the apocalypse hit, and you can find a letter on what appears to be Ackles' corpse, addressed to fellow Supernatural series star Misha Collins. Someone at Naughty Dog must've been a real big fan of the long-running TV show.

For our list of some other tiny details you might've missed in Naughty Dog's sequel, head over to our guide outlining all of The Last of Us 2 easter eggs for more.

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