The Last of Us 2 has been officially revealed - repeat, we are go for The Last of Us: Part 2

Feel that shiver down your spine? Those hairs raising up along your arm? Don't worry, you're not coming down with a bad case of cordyceps brain infection, you're just excited that The Last of Us 2 (although it's technically called "The Last of Us: Part 2") was just announced at PlayStation Experience 2016. Here's the trailer:

The debut trailer started with a camera pan over an old house overrun with nature, with a Firefly insignia spraypainted over a beat-up traffic sign. We then see a bruised and bloodied hand cracking its knuckles as it starts to strum a guitar. We see that the hand belongs to none other than Ellie, who begins to sing about cutting her enemies down.

Joel (we think - the trailer never shows his face, but come on, who else would it be?) appears in the doorway and asks Ellie if she really wants to do this. What is "this" referring to? We're not sure, but Ellie lifts her gaze and says "I'm going to kill every last one of them." Kill who? Why? So many questions!

Not even a release window was given in this teaser, so who knows when we'll get our answers. But for now, just enjoy knowing that The Last of Us 2 is happening.

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