The Han Solo movie name might have just been accidentally revealed... via a t-shirt

Image: Lucasfilm

Leaks can come from anywhere these days: toy sets, fast food tie-ins and, in the case of the Han Solo movie, nifty-looking crew t-shirts. That’s right, we might (emphasis on might) finally have an official title for the Han Solo prequel.

Drumroll please… the t-shirts, which you can see below, refer to the movie, simply, as Solo (via MakingStarWars). Except the ‘L’ is a blaster, because letters are for people who can’t rock a vest with more pockets than practical sense.

If that movie title is correct (and that’s still a big if), then that’s pretty ballsy on Lucasfilm’s part to have such a clipped title that but, hey, Han Solo is nothing if not ballsy. The logo is a bit lame, though. Or should that be [sideways blaster]AME? What isn’t lame is the glorious ‘Han shot first’ text, complete with camera, on the back of the crew shirts. They made a funny.

Don’t get too excited though. File this one under ‘probably a working title’. We’ve had Red Cup when it was under-wraps but, now the movie is an official thing, shifting to Solo would make a whole lot more sense. There’s also a stunt shirt which carries the full Han Solo name on the front – though the blaster L still remains – which confuses things further…

So, there you have it: Han Solo’s solo standalone movie might be called Solo. Maybe. What do you make of that?

Image: Lucasfilm

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