The Future Of Caprica

SFX clusive: David Eick and Ron Moore explain how they are upping the ante on the Battlestar spin-off

Caprica producer David Eick reckons that the show will “find itself” in the second half of season one, which will finally air, after a gap of far too many months, next January, following its lengthy mid-season hiatus on Syfy. It’s a shame the show had such an enforced break as it was just getting into its flow and finding a loyal audience when Syfy decided to give it a long holiday. So its producers are keen to highlight to Red Alert in SFX 200 why season 1.5 (as fans are calling it) will be worth the wait.

“In the second half, we felt like we were able to really isolate and identify, define our characters, in a way that we were still trying to figure out in the first half. And in so doing, we have freed ourselves to tell stories with much more suspense and action – a lot of spectacle, a lot of visual effects,” says Eick. “We deepen the mythology of the virtual world and what we know as New Cap City, in terms of how Zoe is able to harness it to express herself.”

“The second half of the season,” adds Eick’s producing partner Ron Moore, “starts to pay off a lot of that setup and the characters start going into different directions, the plot starts moving faster. It has a little bit more momentum.”

Read the full article in SFX 200 , out next Wednesday.

Dave Golder
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