The freedom of Killzone

Tuesday 9 May 2006
At last year's E3 the Killzone PS3 demo was making all the headlines. This year, with no sign of a next-gen version, we'll have to talk about Killzone: Liberation instead - which will be out for PSP this autumn - and show you this lovely selection of screenshots.

Liberation takes the ideas first seen in the PS2 FPS and uses them in a third-person action game for the handheld. Situated in the same war-torn setting as the original game, Liberation has you battling against the evil Helghast and attempting to rescue hostages.

The action takes place two months after the events of the PS2 game and once again gamers control grizzled hero Templar.

Liberation consists of 16 missions, playable using a third-person perspective and designed to give you the tactical edge over the enemy. At various points in the game, orders can be relayed to supporting AI troops, but mostly it's left up to the gamer to make use of the weaponry and armoured vehicles to carve a way through the Helghast defences.

Using PSP's WiFi capabilities there is a two-player cooperative mode that follows the same path as the single-player game, and a competitive setup which supports up to six players and a choice of six multiplayer maps.

Finally there is a game share option that allows gamers to share a demo level of Killzone: Liberation with other PSP owners.