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The final Defenders trailer gives Iron Fist another chance at being cool

It's almost time for Marvel's other superhero team (no, not the space one - the other other team) to duke it out against a quasi-immortal ninja assassin and a rich lady who may or may not be related to Ellen Ripley from Alien. That's right, Netflix's The Defenders will premiere in just a few days on August 18, and Marvel Studios has put out one final trailer to get you hyped.

It's not a particularly earth-shaking trailer (despite the tease of the earth literally shaking), but I appreciate seeing a few fresh glimpses of Elektra in combat and the dour-faced gang finding time to test out their comedy skills with a few one liners. Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist, looks like he'll be particularly fun to watch thanks to his sarcastic humor having a straight man like Luke Cage to bounce off, which is good since his standalone series was met with a fair share of yawns.

Here he is scarfing down the buffet with the rest of the Defenders - Cage, Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdock - like a stereotypical anime hero, calmly stating that "It takes a lot of energy to summon my chi.":

Speaking of chi, here he is channeling it (you know, like they tell you to do in yoga class - only to Iron Fist it means 'summon energy strong enough to punch through walls') and knocking back a huge wave of bad guys:

And here is shattering Elektra's sword. While Elektra's katana isn't known to be magical or particularly durable, it's still a freaking sword and she's an extremely capable warrior, capable of holding her own against a horde of highly-trained ninjas. It's legit impressive:

And he's funny, too! Good job, Defenders. You just might pull this off.

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