The final battle with the Batman Who Laughs arrives in Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last 52: War of the Multiverse

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DC's multiverse redefining Dark Nights: Death Metal has some legs left in it before DC Future State kicks off in January, with December 30's Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last 52: War of the Multiverse, a mouthful of a title for a one-shot that promises to deliver the last battle between the disparate heroes of DC's Multiverse and the Batman Who Laughs for the fate of multiple realities.

(Image credit: DC)

And of course, after Dark Nights: Death Metal, the whole thing gives way to DC Future State, a flash-forward to possible futures that replaces DC's publishing line and introduces successors to many of DC's most popular heroes. 

DC has hinted that, following Future State, their return to their regular publishing line will include a whole new multiverse, picking up threads from Future State as well as Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Here's a gallery of pages from Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last 52: War of the Multiverse:

"What would it take to get every being left in the Multiverse to side together in the ultimate, final showdown?" reads DC's official synopsis for Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last 52: War of the Multiverse. 

"Total decimation and the complete undoing of all existence? The Batman Who Laughs has made his final move, bringing the most horrifying opposition to the battleground, and now every hero and villain left alive will stand and fight together," it continues. 

"This epic battle book details every side of the last war across the Multiverse-Wonder Woman leading the heroes, Superman leading the villains, and Batman leading the dead-everyone has to play their part," DC's description concludes. "Everyone and everything is at join here for the last of the DCU as we know it!"

Get a glimpse of what comes after Future State in DC's March 2021 solicitations.

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