The Dreamgirls in action

Musical extravaganza Dreamgirls is generating the sort of buzz most producers would chew their own earlobes off for. The film doesn’t even arrive in our cinemas until next February (it’ll hit US screens in December), but it’s already being whispered about as a Chicago-style Oscar-nabber.

With the likes of Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé Knowles and Eddie Murphy (dragging himself away from his awful kiddie films to the shores of career respectability) a-croonin’ and a-dancin’ through the tale of a very Supremes-alike singing trio’s rise to superstardom and the pressures of fame that strike them, it’s certainly going to be a glitzy affair full of killer show-stopping tunes and big set pieces.

Having been invited to watch one of the big numbers being lensed, Total Film can attest that it certainly looks impressive. And test screenings across the States have been generating rave early reviews.

The first footage from the film has now been shoved up online at Apple – check out the TV spot by clicking here and try not to chuckle at Eddie’s hair. It is set in the early ‘60s after all…

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